Personalisierte Bekleidung-
Lösungen für medizinisches Personal

Wir sind uns bewusst, dass Uniformen eine entscheidende Rolle für die Patientenversorgung,
Sicherheit und Professionalität spielen. Krankenhauspersonal, wie Ärzte, Krankenschwestern,
benötigt Arbeitskleidung, die bequem ist, um ihre Arbeit effektiv ausführen zu können

Medical Fashion

Ärzte und Praxis Mitarbeiter/innen


Enhance your hospital's professionalism with

CQ Corporate's Mass-customized Uniforms

Personalized workwear with the logo and branding can promote a medical company's identity and positive image in the community.

Through our design thinking workshops, we identify specific challenges and develop personalized workwear solutions for medical facilities. At the same time, our approach enables cost-effective production of unique uniforms tailored to the diverse needs of medical teams.

Our medical attires embody a harmonious fusion of design excellence and medical compliance

Admire the Artzpraxis medicalwear collection, tailored to the needs of the team, designed and manufactured by chiQuet!

Comfort, style and functionality were the key concepts in the development of this collection.


Project Information


Medical Corporate Clothing

Collection For:

Female and male employees of a doctor's office.

Initial Situation:

Exclusive collection for the two areas of medical and cosmetics. Development of visual distinguishing features in the collection that are recognizable to patients, which are intended to make orientation in the practice a little easier.


The dermatologist's practice and the Skinworld area, which are located in two locations opposite each other, can be identified in the collection through corresponding embroidery. Together with the two doctors, we developed the Medical Clothing collection and brought it to the point.


Highly functional, durable, comfortable piqué fabric.


Specially processed details in the cut, such as the raglan sleeves, the waist in the back and the details in green throughout the cut (collar, wave at the hem), give the collection a timeless, striking, sporty elegance.


A novelty in this area of ​​use is the cut of the white tops. These transform into a multifunctional all-season polo jacket that can be worn open, with a matching white body shirt, or closed in the mid-season. There are also white trousers with gray details.


Comfortable cuts with a good fit. Thanks to the color scheme, the collection adapts discreetly to the surroundings and furniture and helps patients identify their contacts.

To increase the appeal of our mass-produced medical uniforms, we integrate unique design elements.

The uniform features highly durable, and comfortable piqué fabric, with specially processed details in the cut.

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