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We understand that Clothing for Business goes beyond mere appearances; it's about creating a cohesive and empowering image that reflects your company's unique identity.

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Uniform Tailored for Comfort and Confidence

Empower Business Image

Well-customized uniforms contribute to a positive first impression on employees. For example, when you walk into a private bank, you want to feel confident that you’re dealing with professionals. The way the employees dress plays a big role in creating that impression.

CQ Corporate Clothing prides itself on designing business uniforms with comfort, functionality and style in mind that will make your employees look not only good, but confident and professional.

The Businesswear we produce are designed with the modern professional in mind. Blending timeless elegance with contemporary details, ensuring that your employees feel comfortable throughout the workday

Introducing a mass-customized uniform that perfectly exemplifies our approach to Business Clothing

Discover the epitome of our approach to business attire for a private bank in Zurich. Our solution demonstrates unity and improves the image of the team.

Project Information


Business Clothing

Collection For:

Female and male staff of a private bank.

Initial Situation:

Alignment with the scope of work of the reception team and the checkout team. Integration of the collection into the interior design concept of the modern, newly renovated new headquarters on Stauffacherstrasse in Zurich.


Together with the customer, we developed the businesswear collection in a very short time and delivered it in time for the opening. After trying on the customer to determine size, the collection was pre-sorted and delivered individually packed in garment bags for each person.


Elegant, highly functional, durable and washable wool blend.


Specially processed details in the cut and the curves in the cut (shawl collar, pockets, center front blazer) give the collection a timeless, striking elegance.


In this area of ​​application, the color dark brown is a novelty. Thanks to the color scheme, the collection adapts discreetly to the surroundings and the furniture. White or pastel pink blouses are combined with this. This warm color scheme supports the employees in customer contact and creates a balance with the clearly tidy, rather strict interior design.


Comfortable cuts, with curves throughout.
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Moving away from the traditional dark suits often associated with private banks, we opted for a warm color scheme with an emphasis on dark brown.

With careful attention to detail, we use high-quality fabrics to create a polished and sophisticated look

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