Science meets style: CQ Corporate Clothing's journey in High-Performance Community Masks

CQ Corporate Clothing was proud to be a part of this multidisciplinary initiative, tasked with developing high-performance, reusable masks for our communities

Driven by the shared goal of protecting our communities, CQ Corporate Clothing joined forces with leading expertsCQ Corporate Clothing joined forces with leading experts

Finest science with cutting-edge fashion

The consortium combined the finest science with cutting-edge fashion. We poured our two decades of experience in crafting bespoke image clothing customization into this project.

Holistic UX approach and Design Thinking

Leveraging our comprehensive UX approach and Design Thinking skills we crafted washable fabric masksthat are not only scientifically sound, but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear

Production and supply chain management

We also took the lead in production and supply chain management. Every mask achieved its goal seamlessly.

Prioritized sustainable practices

We have prioritized sustainable practices and use biodegradable materials and innovative production techniques to minimize environmental impact.

The result? A groundbreaking high-performance community mask


CQ Corporate Fashion's commitment to science and style doesn't stop there. We're constantly pushing boundaries, developing new and improved mask designs to keep you safe and looking your best

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