How We Work

We collect and analysis of your needs to offer a comprehensive solution for design, colour, materials, sizing, security, hygiene, and logistics.

The CQ step-by-step process

In co-design, we work together to bring your unique corporate clothing vision to life: from concept development to sustainable production. The CQ after-sale & re-order service for your complete solution for years to come guarantees you 'sustainability by design'. You buy or rent the volumes you need and we procure and produce accordingly.

Phase 1: Uniform Design and Development

In the Co-Design process, we work with our clients to design and develop personalized corporate clothing concept collections ( complete solutions) that meet their specific requirements and budget. This includes selecting the right colors, fabrics and designs as well as developing a logistics concept for sizing, production, delivery, sorting, packaging, labeling, transport, pool storage, laundry and reorders.


Phase 2: Prototyping and Iteration

After completion of Phase 1a&b in the CQ-Process Visualization above, we create prototypes of all involved articles in original color and fabrics. These are tested by our customers before the start of production. The findings are then integrated into the overall solution or per article and resampled. Only after two to three iterations (depending on requirements) are the parts produced in phase 4a following approval by our customers. This enables us to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the end product.

Phase 3: Sizing, Try-ons, Fit

Option of fitting or training at the customer’s premises to determine the sizing key.

Phase 4: Production and Assembly

Producing and assembling uniforms to order, based on the approved design and sizing.

Phase 4b: Logistics

We sort, label and pack the items per person before delivery according to the sizing of the fittings ( Phase 3). According to your choice, we deliver to one location or already sorted per store worldwide. The goods per person are delivered in recyclable 'CQ-No-Waste Concept' packaging. Reserve and pool goods are specially packed separately and labeled accordingly. If there are no fittings, each item and size is labeled and sorted out. Repeat orders are processed according to the same principle.

Phase 5: Storage

It’s all about storing fabrics and finished goods on behalf of businesses, for long-term reorders.

Phase 6: Services & After Sale

We have a network of laundry and repair specialists which use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that uniforms are cleaned and repaired to the highest standards.