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We are a leading provider of personalized workwear collections for companies of all sizes. In co-design, we work closely with our customers to conceptualize, prototype and produce sustainable corporate clothing concepts using the design thinking method. These 'by design' sustainable clothing concepts reflect your individual needs. They are easy-care, durable, stylish, functional and perfectly reflect the uniqueness of your brand identity.

CQ Corporate Clothing is a leading provider of personalized, high-quality workwear solutions for workwear and uniforms

Specially tailored to your needs and developed accordingly in co-design with our customers, we specialize in the creation and production of unique and innovative clothing collections & uniforms. These create identity, orientation and information. They strengthen the presence of your brand together with the loyalty of your employees!

Mass Customization

Our offer is adapted to the customer's individual requirements on the basis of the CQ modular system or invented from scratch.


Consultation & Development

In co-design, we work collaboratively with our clients to design & produce an individualized collection that is perfectly tailored to their unique brand, governance and culture.



Our business model is independent of trends and therefore sustainable 'by design', i.e. it can be reordered for up to 10 years. 'No Waste' is our motto! We are committed to sustainable practices and use certified materials and manufacturing processes whenever possible.


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We strive to create and produce corporate clothing or uniforms of the highest quality for our customers. These are made appropriately from certified, easy-care and durable materials. Long-standing nearshoring production partners manufacture your collections in a socially sustainable manner. Tailored logistics concepts ensure long-term repeat orders of your personalized company clothing!

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CQ understands your needs, problems and requirements



Employees need to look good, but they also need to feel comfortable in their company clothing or uniform throughout the day. It can be difficult to find clothing that meets both requirements. Try-ons in the CQ 3-step sizing system solve this problem.



Corporate clothing or uniforms involve a high initial investment, especially for large companies with many employees. Therefore, companies need a total solution that provides their employees with high-quality clothing without breaking their budget. The differentiated and sustainable CQ approach in co-design enables a high amortization of the initial costs (over 3-10 years and more).


Durability & Maintenance

Corporate clothing or uniforms must be durable and easy to care for, especially if they are worn on a daily basis. Corporate clothing needs sustainably certified fabrics that are both comfortable and practical for everyday use! Everything must be reorderable in the long term. Also, thanks to CQ Co-Design methodology, the laundry parameters including care are precisely analyzed to determine the volume and pool reserve.

Uniqueness of

the corporate clothing

Not all departments in a company have the same needs when it comes to clothing. For example, employees who work in the warehouse or laboratory need a different type of workwear than employees who work in the office or reception. A personalized overall co-design solution will incorporate and meet all these different requirements.

Hygiene & policies

for corporate clothing & uniforms

Companies need an internally clearly defined corporate dress policy that aligns with their corporate values and operations. This can be a challenge, especially with a large workforce. Accordingly, this point is thought through at the beginning of a project and taken into account in the overall co-design solution.

Corporate Clothing

In co-design with you, we seamlessly navigate every step together. From design to production and delivery, including logistics, we ensure a smooth, satisfying and sustainable experience.

How We Work

In co-design, we offer you a personalized analysis and consultation for the conception and development of your individual corporate clothing concepts. Based on the analysis of your needs, we offer a comprehensive solution for color, materials, design, sizes, hygiene and logistics. In the final step, we take over the management of the entire production and supply chain for your personalized, high-quality and sustainable corporate clothing collection.

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