Unveiling gastro-chic: personalized clothing solutions for restaurant teams

We understand the importance of great gastronomy uniforms because they play a crucial role in shaping the overall dining experience for guests. Well-designed uniforms can enhance brand identity

Gastro Fashion

Servicepersonal für Bereich I


Stylish and functional uniforms for restaurant staff by

CQ Corporate Clothing

Trendy and professional uniforms for catering staff convey a sense of quality, attention to detail and pride in the company and have a positive effect on guests.

Catering staff uniforms are carefully designed to combine elegance with functionality while enriching and enhancing the guest experience.

Our uniforms for gastronomy workers expertly intertwine traditional design principles harmoniously integrated with contemporary sensibilities

Gaze at Belgrill AG's original Gastro Corporate Fashion uniform crafted by CQ Corporate Clothing

Inspired by the vibrant energy and refined aesthetics of the gastronomy industry, we have crafted an innovative uniform concept. It showcases adaptability blending sporty elegance with practicality, catering to the diverse needs of Belgrill AG’s various locations.

Project Information


Gastro Corporate Clothing

Collection For:

The original at the renowned Sternengrill at Bellevue in Zurich.

Initial Situation:

A sporty, elegant, functional gastro corporate clothing concept for all Belgrill AG locations, except Rosaly's.


In the concept phase, we recorded and discussed the initial situation in detail with the customer. The goal was a suitable Gastro Corporate Clothing collection for two different areas with different visual appearances, covered with a single collection. We identified the locations using 3 different aprons.


Comfortable, uncomplicated, highly functional Corporate Clothing fabrics.


Casually functional cuts specially tailored to customer requirements are worn with enthusiasm and pride by the employees at the newly opened locations in Bellevue, Glatt and at the airport.


The branding of both areas was also integrated into the concept via the specific foods that are offered there and thereby strengthened: for example, the curve of the bratwurst is visible throughout the cut, and the details are in the selected coffee brown. The neutral colors anthracite and white hold the collection together and give it a fresh, timeless touch


The collection was designed as an easy-care, comfortable, compact all-season concept in a modular system.

The Gastro Corporate Clothing concept ingeniously integrates the branding of both areas,subtly reinforcing their unique identities.

The curve of the bratwurst, a signature dish at Belgrill AG, is subtly woven into the design, while the details are presented in a sophisticated coffee brown.

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