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für Hostessen der Igeho «World of Interiors» inklusive Modenschau


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In the dynamic world of events, where every detail matters, uniforms play a crucial role in shaping the overall experience and creating a lasting impression on attendees.

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Here’s a uniform we tailored for hostesses of the Igeho “World of Interiors”

The goal was to create a unique and memorable look for the hostesses that would reflect the modern and forward-thinking spirit of the World of Interior.

Project Information


Event Corporate Clothing

Collection For:

The Igeho, international trade fair for the hotel industry, gastronomy and out-of-home consumption, which took place in Basel from November 23rd to 27th, 2013. Exhibitors showcased their high-quality products in the new premium area “World of Interior”.

Initial Situation:

Hostesses from the “World of Interiors” area dressed conspicuously with class, with the aim of advertising the new location. Participation of these hostesses in the fashion show which took place twice a day on the escalators in Hall 1.1.


Elastic orange felt for “Second Skin Overall” coordinated with the World of Interior colors orange and anthracite.


Jumpsuit in paper cut style with small glimpses of bare skin.


Futuristic cut realized in traditional felt fabric.


Was only worn for 5 days.

The following took part in this project:

- Creation of the overall SAMANTHA - designed by Sophie Chiquet
· Coordination and management of the project - by chiQuet corporate fashion design
· Realization from drawing - by Angelina Sandri
· Photo and assembly - by Oliver Look
· Photo background building Messe Basel - by Werner Huber / Hochparterre
· Styling and make-up - by Lea Küng

The Hostesses' futuristic Jumpsuits were a key part of the World of Interior's success at the Igeho. Their eye-catching attire, innovative design, and comfortable fit made them a true standout.

The aesthetics of these converted hostess uniforms were enriched by the introduction of refined design aspects.

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