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We understand that hotel staff uniforms are an important part of the overall guest experience. They play a role in creating a first impression, projecting a professional image, and helping guests to identify and interact with staff

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Hotel staff uniforms can help to create a professional and welcoming atmosphere for guests, as well as making staff feel more comfortable and confident in their work. Uniforms instill a sense of pride and professionalism in hotel staff, boost their morale and contribute to a positive work environment.

CQ Corporate Clothing has a proven track record of designing functional and luxurious hotel staff uniforms. In the process of designing clothing for hotel staff, we consider a number of factors including the brand of the hotel, the type of hotel, the quality materials and the needs of the staff.

Our luxury eco-friendly hotel uniforms blend traditional design elements with modern sensibilities, creating a timeless and elegant look that exudes sophistication

Check out a personalized uniform for a 5-star hotel that gives you an idea of our take on hotel staff attire

We were tasked with designing a hotel uniform for two different women’s teams at a renowned 5-star hotel: the reception team and the floor team. The goal was to create a unified, yet recognizable look for each team, making it easier for guests to navigate the hotel.


Project Information


Hotel Corporate Clothing

Collection For:

Two different women's teams from a renowned 5-star hotel.

Initial Situation:

A uniform, representative collection for the two areas of activity, reception and floor, with recognizable distinguishing features that are intended to make it easier for guests to find their way around the hotel.


In the concept phase, we developed the collection together with the customer to such an extent that the goal of a suitable uniform collection for two fundamentally different areas was finally achieved. In a second phase, fittings took place with around 50 women. The collection was then pre-sorted and delivered individually in garment bags for each person to avoid mix-ups.


Elegant, highly functional, durable, lightweight and washable wool blend.


Timeless elegance thanks to specially processed details in the cut and exclusive buttons.


Something new was body shirts instead of blouses in both areas and trousers instead of skirts in the operational area of ​​the floor. The employees benefit from more comfort when working without compromising the elegance of the collection. At the same time, a symbol of innovation is set for the guest, which further strengthens the identity of the hotel.


All season concept reduced to five items for both areas.

We introduced body shirts instead of blouses for both areas, maximizing comfort for employees without sacrificing elegance. For the floor team, we added trousers instead of skirts, further enhancing comfort and workability. This modern approach sets a symbol of innovation for guests, further strengthening the hotel's identity.

Our uniforms are comfortable and durable, and they are easy to clean and maintain. They come in a variety of styles to suit the needs of any 5-star hotel

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